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Simpler Thyme®
Lard Soap Recipe

The following recipe comes from our huge collection of soapmaking recipes long before saponification calculators and may not make the best soap. They are here for historical purposes only.

Proceed at your own risk if you choose to attempt this recipe.

*Read precautions on lye can before using.


2 quart Pyrex® measuring cup
1 cup Pyrex® measuring cup
stainless steel spoon
rubber gloves
old newspaper
loaf pan
plastic wrap


2 lbs of lard
4 1/4 ounces by weight pure lye*
12 fluid ounces cold water


Cover work surface with several layers of newspaper.
Put on rubber gloves. Lye is very caustic and even the fumes can irritate the skin.
Place lard in 2 quart measure, microwave until it becomes liquid (or melt in a sauce pan on the stove and transfer melted fat into the 2 quart measure).
Set aside to cool.
Place the cold water into the 1 cup measure.
Slowly add the lye flakes stirring constantly until dissolved.
Set aside to cool.
Line the loaf pan with plastic wrap.
When both liquids feel just barely warm
(test by placing hands on outside of container only)
slowly add the lye solution, stirring constantly.
Continue to stir until it has reached the correct consistency. Soap is ready when it becomes thick and creamy similar to sour cream.
Pour into the prepared loaf pan and let stand over night.
Cut into blocks and set to dry allowing space for the air to circulate.
Let age in a warm dry place for 6 weeks until ready to use.